We sit down with our good friend and creator of the first ever iTunes review of TEC, Brice Elnicki of Producers Cooperative in Girard, KS. In this first of a two part interview, we listen as Brice shares his experiences at grain companies large and small, as well as learn the best practices for unloading railcars of cement. We may or may not have confused "biannual" with "biennial" during the course of the episode, so please, no hate mail.

July 10, 2019

Market Makers

Many of us in the grain business know that one of the functions of the futures market is price discovery. Lesser known, however, is that price discovery is also a function of the astute grain merchandiser. In this episode we shed some light on how the country elevator can make markets both upstream for the farmer and downstream for the end user, all while getting paid for doing so.

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